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The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion



What a fun book full of humour and most men can at least recognise various aspects of themselves.

Professor Don Tillman is looking for a wife and as a scientist comes up with a questionaire to find his perfect partner. Tillman could be described as having Aspergers and he has his routines and can be obsessive about them. To me he sounds quite normal, but that probably says more about me!

He gets waylaid by a PhD Student Rosie who is everything he doesn't want in a partner, a smoker, vegetarian, a drinker and a late - arriver. 

Through a project he gets involved with Rosie who manages to change his perspective of his world view. She does the impossible and manages to change some of his ways. I am sure a number of women out there would love to be able to change their partners habits, and if he is a male probably for the better.

This is a fun book where I am sure you will be able to recognise traits of various people you know. It also goes to show that those of us single men can change - sometimes even for the better. Just don't use the book as an instruction manual.

I am happy to recommend this book - give it a try as it is fun.