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Fantastic Woven Story

If this were a video game it would carry an 18 rating as the violence on the pages holds back no punches. The imagery that the book uses in Sword & Scimitar is so good and historically accurate.


The book is based on the Turk/Ottoman seige of 1665 on Malta, even though the story starts 20 years prior with the exile of the hero Sir Thomas. Who then spends the next 20 years as a mercenary and living on his estate in England. Until his retirement is shattered by the summons to defend Malta. Before he leaves he is summoned to London by Cecil and Walsingham and given a squire and tasked to a duty to retrieve or destroy an item that could ruin England.


This is an enthralling read about love lost, regained and lost again. A man who was single found he was a father and discovers his son.


This is a wonderful book, historically correct and a fantastic read.