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The Darkness The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Gift of Darkness - V.M. Giambanco


Detective Alice Madison has only been in Seattle PD's Homicide Unit for five weeks when what will be the biggest case in Seattle's recent hits her and her partner Detective Sergant Brown and a very rough Christmas for them both.

This book is a well written story that also gives the back story along the way without it hindering the plot and storyline, they blend together easily, even a fool like me can understand. The book has all the ingrediants of a whodunnit sending you up blind allies and bringing you back down again. When you think you know the who, you are pointed in another direction and you do not really discover the who and the why until the end of this gripping story.

The book opens with a gruesome murder that is clearly a message to someone, and the answer you think you have does not really alter and when it does it comes as a massive surprise. The author has made sure that you need to read the next chapter because you feel as if you are missing something.

But before Alice Madison can really conquer this case she has to tackle head on an unsolved crime 25 years before. When she solves that she has some of the why, when the back stories come together and become clear you get the who then when you think you have all the answers there is a delicious twist in the tail.

A wonderful crime murder mystery - see if you can get the why before the last chapter!